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Call from the Suruç Crisis Desk: “You will sleep with peace of mind”

In the 67th day of Kobanê war, neither the violence of the ISİS attacks have decreased, nor the border watch protests has lost its originality. And still the problems of the thousands of refugee are unsolved also. Kobanê and Suruç people are standing straight, in spite of the efforts to change the agenda; they are showing their solidarity with demos, events and campaings. The reporter of, Murat Bay, interviewed with several responsibles of Suruç Crisis Desk, listened their call, their […]

Women fighters of YPJ: We are trying to extract the essence inside human beings – Murat Bay

Sendika.Org reporter Murat Bay has talked with women fighters of YPJ (Women’s Protection Units) about the war they have waged against not only ISIS, but also patriarchy, feudalism and capitalist system. The roads of Kobanê, whose streets we have taken at the first hours of the day, took us to one of the quarters of YPJ at the foothills of Mistenur. When it was understood that Heval Rengin, that we have asked to see, would be a little late, we […]

Kobanê has bidden farewell to a legend: Hardem, also known as Musa the Sniper – Murat Bay

“He became martyr, but he saved hundreds of lives. Every sniper he has trained will escalate the struggle in his memory. So the hero of Kobanê, Musa the sniper will live forever.” Following the liberation of the city centre of Kobanê, the perception of the general public that the war is over, in a way, isolates the struggle of Kobanê. The clashes persist in a vast area from the town of Sirrin in the south of the city, to the […]

Sandro Mezzadra: “Immigrants are a determining element of working class” – Murat Bay

Murat Bay from Sendika.Org had an interview about immigration problem with Sandro Mezzadra, in University of Bologna, in Italy. Sandro Mezzadra works as an Associate Professor of Political Theory at the University of Bologna, where he teaches postcolonial studies and contemporary political theory. He has published widely on the areas of migration, postcolonial theory, contemporary capitalism, Italian operaismo and autonomist Marxism. He recently completed a book with Brett Neilson, Border as method, or, the multiplication of labor (2013, Duke University Press). […]

YPJ Commander Nesrin Abdullah talked to Sendika.Org: ‘Turkey must break off its relation with ISIS, must put an end to hostility’

Nesrin Abdullah, who was in Italy in order to make contacts regarding Kobanê, talked to Sendika.Org. Abdullah stated that Turkey has a hand in the Kobanê massacre of ISIS and she called Turkey to reconsider its relation with ISIS and to end the politics of hostility that will cause destruction. Abdullah expressed that the massacre will not affect the reconstruction period in Kobanê. Abdullah remarked that YPJ is an army autonomously established by women for the first time in the […]

Impressions from Cizre: `There is no PKK here, we are the people and we defend ourselves’ – Murat Bay

‘At the barricade a young person that we talk to next to one of the trenches says that “There is no PKK here, we are the people and we defend ourselves”. The young person indicates that he is a worker and says that “I work during day time and I stand guard at night” While on my way to Cizre to follow the developments in the ongoing conflict, I met with the Halkevleri delegation in Adana. We hit the road […]

That night she applied henna to her daughter’s hand, she cuddled her up and then put her in the fridge … – Murat Bay

“My mother never cried next to us, not to demoralize us. She would say ‘I am sorry for our loss, there is nothing else to be done’. But she would secretly cry. The first day, my mother applied henna to Cemile’s hands, then she cuddled her up in bed. When the morning came, my aunt and others came and washed the deceased. The next two days we kept her refrigerated so her body would not stink.  We would not let […]

‘Biz bu hendeklerden bir şey anlamadıx’ – Murat Bay

Kürt halkı üşüyor ama kış ayazı değil bu soğuk, yalnızlık duygusudur… Bu üşüme Kobanê için gönderilen battaniyelerle giderilecek gibi de değildir Uzun zamandır “kendini tekrar eden çatışmalı” bir süreç yaşıyoruz… Bugün en gür şekilde haykırmamız gereken barış talebi, ne yazık ki sarayın avlusuna doluşan savaş çığırtkanlarının homurtuları arasında kaybolup gidiyor. Ne kadar zor olabilir ki, barışı uğruna ağır bedeller ödeyecek kadar çok arzulayan bir halkla barışmak. Son birkaç ay içinde yaşananlardan dolayı bir akıl tutulması yaşıyoruz ve çatışmalar karşısında sessizliğimiz, barışı […]

Sur’da eve top mermisi atıldı, bir kişi yaşamını yitirdi

Diyarbakır’ın Sur ilçesinde devam eden ablukanın 33. gününde, İskenderpaşa Mahallesi’ndeki bir eve top mermisi atılması sonucu Melek Alpaydın (38) yaşamını yitirdi, üç kişi de yaralandı.